The leading telecommunication company in Sierra Leone – Orange Sierra Leone, has on Thursday 28th October 2021 updated the media about its Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), its Foundation and Marketing Strategy, amongst others.

The media update is centred on the telecom’s activities undertaken since April 2021 to date.

Annie Wonnie-Katta, Orange’s Head of Communications, disclosed that as of April 2021, through its CSR project, the telecom has contributed a lot to the socio-economic development of the country.

She admitted that the success of Orange is credited to the media and described the media as a trusted partner, whom Orange could not do without in reaching out to the people of Sierra Leone.

She described the telecom as a passionate social investor and that as of April, the telecom supported Muslims with food items during the Ramadan/Fast Month, which was done in principal mosques across the country. 

As part of its CSR, she went on, the telecom has supported the Sierra Leone Police (SLP) call centre with a year’s internet service. She continued to reveal that Orange has also helped in the renovation of the Kenema Polytechnic and has also provided support to Women in Journalism.

Annie Wonnie-Katta furthered that the mobile operator is very concerned with environmental safety and therefore, and in July 2021, established internally, an environmental health and safety committee to address health, environmental and safety issues.

She enlightened that out of the telecom’s 380 sites, 350 of those sites have migrated from generator to green energy- as a show of commitment to having a healthy environment. They have also given financial support to the Ministry of Environment, and a 500KVA generator to the Njala University

Furthermore, Orange has introduced the Orange Social Venture (OSV) Prize, which is geared towards supporting meaningful initiatives geared towards national development. She explained that the OSV Prize is an idea pitching event that was first rolled out in September of this year, with winners taking home Le100Million and Le50Million respectively.

Speaking on behalf of the Orange Foundation Alimamy .P. Bangura Communications Officer, Orange Sierra Leone said that the foundation has embarked on several activities and that the foundation is an entity established to help people, they intervened and provided the less privileged like the authentic society, school for the deaf and national school for the blind, with food items as a way of support to them.

He said that they also engaged in a pilot program at Kroobay to help eradicate maternal mortality by providing free screening, pregnancy care and items for babies. And that they do sensitizations to advocate for these issues. They also have the women’s digital centre, offering digital skills to over one hundred young women.  He also said that they team up with NACOVERC during Covid-19 and gave them hundred and fifty million Leones with materials included to combat Covid, and during the fire disaster at Susan’s Bay, they donated to the victims.

Sadia Kanu, Assistant Manager Marketing Partnership Department, Orange Money, said that they are now operating with other service providers by using orange money, like the International remittance, Orange has new partnerships with Ezeepay, Mercy Holdings and Afro International, Sierra Leone Insurance Company (SLICO), and have launched the orange money app, where customers can now do their transactions seamlessly, and in the Orange Money Ramadan promotion, they handed over the grand prize to winners.

She said that with the Self Reversal on Orange money, customers can now initiate reversal on transactions made. And that they have launched ‘Self Unblock,’ as customers can now unblock their pin themselves.

Foday Bangura, Sales Manager (B2B) Enterprise Business, said that Orange has also embarked on a new business, which they call Orange Energy: ‘’Light don Kam’’, which is solar energy panels for their customers, with payments plans via Orange Money and a year warranty included. He said this is to promote the safety of the society by household using renewable energy.

By Abu Bah

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