On Wednesday, 1st December 2021, Alex Bhonapha Esq. aspiring candidate for the SLPP Chairmanship, at a meeting held at the Country Lodge entertainment Centre, laid bare his ten-point plan for the transformation of the SLPP to a modern entity that will embrace all Sierra Leoneans, irrespective of their ethnicity, religious faiths or region.

Speaking during the meeting, Alex Bhonapha said that his plan is to further cement the bond between supporters and the party hierarchy, thereby hammering home the one stance of the party, which is ‘One Country, One people’. He furthered that if elected to serve as National Chairman of the party, he will ensure that respect, dignity and authority of all is embraced, including the authority of the elders’ Council. Bhonapha furthered that under his leadership, transparency and accountability will be his watchword, and in this regard, he is going to ensure that sound financial management and reporting is achieved, adding that there is annual auditing of the party’s finances, which will then be published on an annual basis, and membership subscription will be made easier with the introduction of an e-subscription system for members. He furthered that he will strengthen the party’s revenue collection drive through enhanced membership contributions and facilitate investments in agribusiness and other innovative business models.

In order to consolidate and expand membership, he stressed that he will streamline the membership registration process and all members will have a security-enhanced ID Card, thereby migrating from the paper-based system in use. This system will eventually result in the maintenance of a database of all registered members of the party. Bhonapha maintained that this is necessary to keep the party in line with the technological age.

This political giant also highlighted in his ten-point plan the need for legal reform of the party’s constitution. In this regard, he furthered that he will embark on a nationwide consultation with all members, as well as all Chapters of the party to get their own input into the said reform. This reform, he went on, is to ensure that there is increased participation of members, and will establish clear guidelines on the selection of non-elective delegates.

In recognition of the importance of women and youths in the party, Bhonapha said that he will ensure that his administration promotes women and youth participation in decision making and party activities, and will provide an enabling environment for youths to realise their aspirations within the party. To further enhance female participation, he said that he will operationalise the activities of the newly created Women and Young generation Councils, with a view to providing equal opportunity for all, including the vulnerable and marginalized groups.  

In the area of governance and leadership, Bhonapha said that he will serve as a trusted advisor to the party leader on issues, as well as om specific governance-related matters, thereby creating trust between appointees and the entire membership, through the establishment of an interactive platform, and will ensure that all party activities and programs are in compliance with the party’s policies and the required regulations of electoral management bodies.

Since the country is part of the global village, he will ensure that a strategic relationship is developed with key political parties globally in accordance with the SLPP values and will establish a mechanism for partner outreach and relationship management.

His tenth plan is the monitoring and evaluation system to track party activities and outcomes and promote the use of data for evidence-based planning and decision making.

By Abu Bah

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