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During a Parliamentary Oversight Committee on Mines visit to Valunia Chiefdom, in response to a complaints made by Algom Resource Ltd Company, a mining company owning exploration license in the chiefdom, Residents of Valunia wasted no time to commend the tremendous work done by Seawright Mining Company in and out of the operational areas.

The People of the chiefdom loudly stated that they did not want Algom Mining Company in their area, explaining that they have written several letters to the Minister of Mines and NMA, stating that they don’t want that company in their locality, because some of these companies are given exploration license, but with little or no monitoring involved, whilst these companies embark on actual mining of the natural resources of the people and deliberately refusing to pay royalties to the government and surface rent to the people.

Section Chief Musa Nabieu among other speakers, explained that despite the fact that Algom is an exploration license holder, there are other companies that are operating in another neighboring chiefdom with exploration license, but are observing their CSR in their areas of operations, pointing out what Seawright Mining Company is doing in other neighboring Chiefdoms.

The Former U.S. Ambassador to Sierra Leone, Maria E. Brewer, joined Seawright Mining Company to commission a modern cold room facility constructed and donated by the Company for the people of Gorama Mende. Seawright Mining Company made annual payments to land owners of Nimiyama and Gorama Mende Chiefdoms to the tune of hundreds of Millions of Leones.

Nimiyama Chiefdom Chief, PC George Bockarie Torto, thanked the company for a number of reasons; such as the payment to land owners and the erection of a state-of-the-art cold room among others, which was done by the company beyond the imagination of the authorities in the chiefdom.

Member of Parliament, Hon. Alex Mattia Rogers of Constituency 102, Pujehun District, commended Seawright Mining Company for undertaking a tour in relation to fish farming before implementing it in Sierra Leone.

He described the venture as a laudable and sustainable development project that the company is determined to implement in Sierra Leone.

The multi million Dollar fish farming project is at its completion stage at the Aquaculture Department of Njala University, Nimiyama and Gorama Mende Chiefdoms respectively. The Company is constructing a modern school in Gorama Mende Chiefdoms, which is also at the completion stage.

Seawright Mining Company’s blueprints are visible in communities beyond their operational areas. They have undertaken school projects, road/bridge constructions, water well constructions, donated one billion Leones to help fight Corona in Sierra Leone, donated to the Police, and as well as learning materials to schools and universities.

Currently, the Company is paying teachers, ongoing school feeding program among others. Dr. Alfred Seawright, President and Chief Executive Officer of Seawright Mining Company, once said that people need to showcase what they were doing, and promised the Company’s willingness to do anything that will make fish farming project work in Sierra Leone.

“The system we are putting together, will be funded 100% by us. The RAS system will be able to generate 40 tons of fish every six months and we will do that full time.”

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