The fundamental principle for the formation of the Vindicator Newspaper is to serve as a training ground for young graduates from the Mass Communications Department of Fourah Bay College and other colleges in Sierra Leone interested in acquiring professional skills and hands on experience in Print Journalism to write and disseminate accurate, balanced, credible news report, and other kinds of journalism contents to the general public.

The publisher and editorial team of this newspaper will encourage and support young graduates and journalism students aspiring to specialize in diverse areas such as Business Report, Human Rights, Politics, Sport, Culture, Tourism, Environment, Health and other areas to produce compelling stories/articles and publish same.

The editorial team of the Vindicator Newspaper has vouched to unearth vital human rights issues that are hardly reported and also to augment the understanding of certain issues that are affecting society; and to help policy makers to make informed decision or decisions that society stands to benefit from.

Serving humanity is our watch word and so we eschew all political influence into our work even as we pride ourselves in being apolitical. In respect of our duty to inform, educate and entertain the general public and also to help young graduates and students to get practical knowledge in journalism, we have developed the following guiding principles:

Our Value Proposition  The Vindicator Press will provide balanced, accurate information to the general public.

Accessibility to student and graduate to learn practical skills. The Vindicator Newspaper editorial team believes that providing space to young graduates and students that are in the university to learn practical skills will help immensely to lure them into the profession. We also believe that with the presence of more graduates into the profession will help gradually to weed out  some of the excesses in the profession.

Objectivity and Impartiality. The Vindicator Newspaper will conform to the professional discipline of assembling and verifying facts, and takes a transparent approach to evidence; and tries to convey a fair and reliable account of their meaning precisely so that our political, personal and cultural biases do not undermine the accuracy of our work.

Loyalty and Commitment. Our obligation is to the truth; our loyalty is to the citizens. The Vindicator Newspaper strives to put the public interest – and the truth above all other interests or benefits. It seeks to nurture and not to exploit the allegiance of its audience/readership ahead of all other considerations by providing reliable, accurate, balanced and credible facts put together in a meaningful context.

Responsibility The Vindicator Newspaper commits to maintain the laws governing media practice in Sierra Leone and maintains strict loyalty to the provisions that are set out in the Independent Media Commission (IMC) Code of Practice especially the laws governing the print media and the Sierra Leones Association of Journalists (SLAJ) Code of Conduct.

Fairness and Accuracy. This  Vindicator   Newspaper shuns defamatory, misleading or distorted news, material or information against any individual/organization.

Role of a Watchdog. As a custodian of public interest, this Newspaper shall highlight cases of corruption and irregularities in public offices/institutions based on irrefutable evidences. This Newspaper serves as an independent monitor of public institutions and power; being a watchdog over those whose power and position most affect citizens.