The Tabital Pulaaku International-Sierra Leone Chapter convened a Press Conference on the 12th May, 2023 at its Adelaide Street Office in Freetown. In attendance were Alhaji Alpha Tanu Jalloh, the Strategic Adviser to the President of the Chapter, Sheik Lama Jalloh, Ibrahim Jalloh, Abdul Hagh Jalloh all members of the organization as well as members of the Fourth Estate.

 After the introductions, Alhaji Alpha Tanu Jalloh , extended thanks and appreciation to the journalists present for taking time out of their busy schedules to be in attendance. 

He intimated that the membership of Tabital Pulaaku International-Sierra Leone Chapter comprises individuals who hail from the Fullah ethnic group furthering that the Fullahs are well known to be united and peaceful but lamented that of late there has been some kind of division among them which he decried as a very unfortunate situation that must be quickly addressed in the interest of development. 

The Strategic Adviser disclosed that the Executive of Tabital Pulaaku International-Sierra Leone Chapter is an entity duly registered and authorized to operate in Sierra Leone as a charitable entity. 

According to him, the principal objectives of the organization are amongst others to create a community of Fullahs united, peaceful, law-abiding and enterprising without regard for clans, class, social standing or religious orientation. 

Besides, it is geared towards developing human and material potential through literacy, education, training, modernization of agro-pastoral techniques, craft, trade, arts and technology.

He also informed me how the organization provides support to indigent Sierra Leoneans through the provision of educational, health and other social services support. 

“We endeavour to promote the Fullah language and the culture of the Fullahs particularly to the younger generation in order to foster unity and understanding amongst them,” Alhaji Alpha Tanu Jalloh continued adding that they are working towards strengthening the solidarity between the Fullahs on the one hand and the friends of the Fullahs everywhere. 

He also mentioned that the laws of Sierra Leone ensure that unity and cooperation exist between the Fullahs and other ethnic groups.

The Strategic Adviser informed newsmen that under the distinguished presidency of Alhaji Amadu Juldeh Sowe, the Tabital Pulaaku International-Sierra Leone Chapter is duly recognized as the National Association of Sierra Leone highlighting how they respect and always seek cooperation with the traditional leadership of the Fullah community and all other Fullah organizations which they firmly believe have been and remain a very important part of the Fullah ecosystem in Sierra Leone and beyond.

Alhaji Alpha Tanu Jalloh stated how they have noted with grave concern that some individuals have been putting out, in various fora, information and holding themselves out as being or representing the Tabital Pulaaku International-Sierra Leone Chapter.

“Such persons continue to seek unsuccessfully parallel regional bodies, seeking and sowing seeds of discord among members of the Fullah Community, misrepresenting themselves to well meaning members of the Fullah community and the general public that they are Tabital Pulaaku International-Sierra Leone Chapter,” he lamented further stating that some of those people while they may enjoy some status from the principal body, Tabital Pulaaku International, are not part of the national body as has been confirmed by the Secretary General of the international body.

He used the opportunity to advise members of the public, Fullah community in Sierra Leone and beyond not to deal with such persons as Tabital Pulaaku International- Sierra Leone Chapter.

“They hold no status in the Sierra Leone Chapter,” he affirmed adding that the imposters are advised and warned to desist from such conduct. 

He said the continuation of such actions or conduct would result in firm and decisive legal remedies being pursued against them without further warning to prevent the destruction and dispel the malaise they represent.

The Strategic Adviser concluded that now more than ever before they must work collectively for the betterment and progress of all Fullahs in Sierra Leone. 

On his part, one the members of the Sierra Leone Chapter, Ibrahim Jalloh disclosed that sometime in the past they attended a conference convened by the international body in Nigeria where some Sierra Leoneans were appointed into certain positions with their mandate limited to the performance of functions or responsibilities delegated to them on behalf of the parent body. 

He continued that upon their return to Sierra Leone the individuals appointed in Nigeria started peddling the notion that they constitute the legitimate Executive body of the Sierra Leone Chapter. 

Ibrahim Jalloh, however, hammered home that there was already a constituted recognized Executive of the Sierra Leone Chapter, prior to the appointment of the said individuals in Nigeria, with Alhaji Amadu Jalloh Sowe as the President and Amadu Saiku Tejan Jalloh as the Secretary General. 

He said for any inquiries members of the Fullah Community and the general public can call the organization’s registered office in Freetown on No 77 Adelaide Street in Freetown or contact them via email: or mobile numbers : 076602114/076401625.

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