By: Aaron Bundu Lahai -Head of Media & Public Relations 

The Vice President Dr Mohamed Juldeh Jalloh on Thursday 24th August , 2023 visited Marcy Ships at Queen Elizabeth the Second Quay at Cline Town. The Second gentleman was taken on a conducted tour by crew members to the various facilities of the ship. 

In his engagements, the Vice President used the opportunity to inform the ship crew of strides made by the Bio-led administration in the last five years. He noted over two million children were enrolled into primary and secondary schools across the country, the school feeding initiative, and the radical inclusion of pregnant girls attending school. 

On health, Dr. Juldeh Jalloh underscored that the government was able to reduce maternal mortality by sixty percent, and a significant reduction in infant mortality. He said thousands of health workers were recruited in the last five years, and more hospitals and other health facilities were built. 

The Honourable Vice President disclosed the Government of Sierra Leone’s development agenda which is anchored on President Bio’s second term manifesto named Feed Sierra Leone divided into five pillars with agriculture being the principal priority. He revealed that the government has been spending multi-million dollars on the importation of rice, Onion and other foodstuff.

He assured the food narrative would be changed as they have plans to feed Sierra Leone, adding the government would invest greatly in agriculture to ensure the country which has fertile soil, and abundant rainfall feeds itself from what it grows. 

Dr Jalloh also disclosed plans by the government to ensure loan facilities would be made available for people who invest in agriculture, stressing that loans have been a challenge over the years.

He explained about the creation of five hundred thousand jobs for young people in particular as the second priority of Bio’s second term administration. He pledged commitment to work with development partners. The Vice President lauded the ship crew for the generosity extended to the people of Sierra Leone.

Captain Perez of Mercy Ships informed that the ship will be in Sierra Leone for the next ten months and would treat over two thousand patients. He thanks the government for giving them a safe place to land.

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