By Abdul Rahman Bah

On Tuesday 12 September 2023 at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Conference Hall Tower Hill Freetown the deputy minister of information and civic education Yusuf Keketoma Sandi held their weekly press briefing on education.

Mr Conard Sackey Minister of Basic Senior Secondary Education in his discussion said that basic senior education governs three primary schools the nursery junior and senior secondary schools They are trying to engage the formal and informal schools those that are not going to schools and pregnant girls in order to focus on schools to build a better nation Sierra Leone.

Mr Conard further said the recruitment and retaining of teachers and the improvement technique of teachers over the past three years of three thousand teachers were put into the systems in addition to that over 27% of women teachers.

Dr Ramatulai Wurie Minister of Technical and Higher Education applauded the Minister of Information and Civil Education for this platform in order for ministries to come and showcase their work The church Technical and Higher Education is looking at specialised training vocational and university training and the ministry is there to create the manpower to support national development in sierra Leone.

Dr Ramatulai said that bringing scholarships to Sierra Leone shows the commitment of the Bio government and these scholarships are in two ways the national grant-in-aid and international scholarship for the grant- an-aid They have received 14 thousands applications from the 16 districts over the country only second-year students all are eligible to apply for the grant-in-aid and she encourage more women to applied for both national and international scholarship. For international scholarship, they have China, Russia, Algeria, Morocco, Hungary, Quate, Greece, and the Commonwealth. She added that they can be contacted on the Facebook page of the Ministry of Technical and Higher Education, X  page Tech Higher and also notice from the ministry.

Alphonso Manley National Coordinator of the Civil Rights Coalition on his statement on his statement said that free quality education is to eliminate the SSS4 and payment of fees for both government and private schools for the past five years which was president BIO flagship last year.

By Bah

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