Sierra Leone’s communication landscape is humming with energy, and a huge chunk of that vigor is thanks to Minister Salima Bah. At a time when phone tariffs threatened to hit the roof, this dynamic leader has made her stance crystal clear.

Minister Bah’s background is a blend of tech expertise and legal know-how. This makes her not just a name in politics, but a force ready to tackle our pressing issues head-on.

Our nation is grappling with an economic tightrope act. With the Leone’s strength waning, many are bracing for a sharp hike in phone costs. And that definitely means a shrug in city centers and potential isolation for more.

Minister Bah knows this all too well. That’s why she’s in the ring, actively seeking a middle ground with phone companies. She’s on a mission, with support from NATCA, pushing for concessions, making it abundantly clear: “If we can’t strike a fair deal, I won’t let the tariffs go up.” It’s a powerful message to everyone.

It’s a breath of fresh air, watching a leader who’s not just about talk but about action. Minister Bah isn’t waiting for solutions to land on her table. She’s out there, forging them to suit our challenging economic story influenced by global activities.

This isn’t just politics as usual. It’s a tale of resilience, of drive. And as Sierra Leone looks to its future, the name ‘Salima Bah’ promises bold steps and unwavering commitment. We’re not just observing a leader; we’re witnessing what happens when competent principled young women are put in leadership positions.

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