Continuing his inspection and familiarization visit to private business establishments across Freetown, the Minister of Employment, Labour and Social Security, Mr. Mohamed Rahman Swaray, has visited Jolaks (Wellington Industrial Estate), manufacturers of Padi Products.

As usual, the minister and his team inspected the factories and engaged workers to get first-hand information about their welfare and general working conditions, then he also engaged management to see how they could work harder to improve conditions of service where necessary.

In his engagement with the workers at Jolaks, the minister encouraged them to talk to him freely, assuring them that no one would be pointed for speaking up.

“I want us to talk like brothers and sisters, so I have asked everyone on the management team to excuse us. So please feel free to talk to me,” he encouraged them.

The workers thanked the minister and team for the visit and engagement, and they applauded the Management of Jolaks for treating them well.

They outlined gains in working for the company; ranging from skills training, monthly rice supply to all, occasional supply of assorted provisions, daily financial stipends, to assistance when any staff has a problem.

However, they pleaded with the Management, through the Minister, to increase their ‘Compassionate Leave’ days.

They also asked for improved medical conditions.

Some workers from the rural communities pleaded with Management to expand the factories to the provinces to create jobs for youth in the rural communities of Sierra Leone.

Minister Swaray encouraged the workers to keep up their cheerful spirit and be more efficient and diligent in their work, while assuring them that he will make sure things get even better for them.

In his engagement with the Management, the Minister applauded them for ensuring gender equality in the workplace, their treatment of staff, and the general conditions of their work environment.

“This is the decent work that the president spoke about when he promised to create 500,000 jobs for his people,” he added.

He encouraged them to look into challenges raised by their workers and address them speedily.

He told management that the Ministry’s team will continue to engage them in the coming days until things are sorted out.

Jolaks currently employs about 400 Sierra Leoneans, at least 30% of whom are women


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