On Friday, April 2022, the Maktulun Charity Foundation(MCF) aided ten community Mosques at Mahera court Barry in Lungi. The donation is one of the flagship projects of the foundation over the years during Ramanda seasons. In his submissions, the Deputy Chief  Executive Director, Michael Freeman expressed delight and appreciation for the selected community’s Mosques i.e. Mahera downtown Mosque, Laspalmas  Mosque, Tulun uptown mosque, Kambia downtown Mosque, Banda Wharf mosque, Kambia uptown Mosque, Tulun downtown Mosque, Amina Mosque and others. He affirmed to the people of Kaffu Bullom-Lungi that the foundation’s main objective is to tap youth football talent between 8-16 years because the long-term goal of the foundation would be highly focused on building a standard football academy in Lungi. Even though, the final selection of 30 man squad had been done to stay in the Academy for now.

The National Chairman of Maktulun Charity Foundation, Dauda Sankoh, confirmed that the second edition of Maktulun football tournament will hopefully commence in May 2022. Adding the construction of the Mahera field is presently underway, though 90% of the work had been done.

Meanwhile, the Secretary-General of Maktulun, Alusine Sesay assured folks in Lungi and the people of Sierra Leone that this year’s tournament will be unique and timely due to the wonderful preparations, although the challenges are endless.

In his statement, the Deputy Chairman of Maktulun, Momoh Kamara aka Touchline, said that the organization is a non-political project, and open to porogressive support at all times.

Speaking to the youth rep of Tulun downtown Mosque, Ibrahim Kamara, expressed thanks and happiness for the great gift from the Maktulun Charity Foundation.

“As a beneficiary, I’m highly delighted because we are on the last ten days of the holy Ramadan month. This is a blessing for us, and we appreciate the organization with a passion for their timely help towards our community Mosques. We believe that the Maktulun Charity Foundation will do more in the future” He suggested.

In another development, the Executive Adviser of Maktulun Charity Foundation (MCF), Honorable Paramount Chief, Bai Shebora Sheba Gbereh the 111 of Kaffu Bullom-Chifdom-Lungi, Port Loko, District has disclosed that the Maktulun competition was awesome and fantastic last year because the participating communities were focused. He further that he will always give positive advice to the foundation because football is one of the biggest development in the country, which normally unity people from different backgrounds.

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