On the 25th of May 2022, UBA Sierra Leone joined the bank’s other subsidiaries to celebrate Africa Day in honour of Africa’s long-standing history of cultural diversification, solidarity and power. The day is significant to the bank’s calendar of activities being that it respects the diverse ethnicity that constitutes the strong workforce at UBA.

Making their prideful entry into UBA Sierra Leone branch offices, customers were not only greeted by the sonorous blast of a live band and cultural drumming performances but they were also welcomed to participate in locally made snacks and confectionaries in the spirit of the day.

Kick-starting the day, the Managing Director, Usman Isiaka and the Executive Director, Mohamed Samoura, stirred a greeting exchange in their local dialects with staff as they went from unit to unit in their courtesy visits at the bank’s Charlotte street Headquarters Office.

The symbolic day was also made memorable with the staff’s unique flaunt of African costumes across all of UBA Sierra Leone branches. Each showcased the indigenous dress and fashion sense deeply rooted in their various ethnicities.

According to the head of Marketing and Cooperate Communications at UBA Sierra Leone, Sallieu Sesay, the bank seizes every opportunity to celebrate Africa’s strength, diversity, culture and standing resilience as a financial service role model that seeks Africa’s growth, development and economic prosperity.

The day created an opportunity for staff of the bank to celebrate as well as reflect on the richness of their cultures, language and Africa’s resilience and potential to protect its lineage and proclaimed history of excellency.

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