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By Ishmael Sallieu Koroma

The Consortium for Good Governance, Human Rights and Democracy ( CGHRD) has on Tuesday 3rd August appealed to the judge presiding over  the matter of Mohamed Kamaraimba Mansaray, the Chairman and Leader of the Alliance Democratic Party ( ADP) standing trial before the court for alleged sexual Penetration  offences to be granted bail owing to  his precarious and deteriorating health status thus appealing to the presiding judge to use ” his discretion judiciously and grant Mr. Mansaray bail”

The rights groups made the appeal at a press conference organised by the Consortium at the Sierra Leone Association of Journalists ( SLAJ) conference Hall , in Freetown were they revealed that they were  in possession of an Independent Medical Report done  by competent Medical Practitioners, certified by the Chief Medical Officer suggesting that Mr Mansaray’s health status is gravely degenerating as the days go by.

“While CGHRD acknowledges the fact that the matter is “sub judice” and its merits cannot be discussed out of court, we wish to unequivocally state the following, that CGHRD fully appreciates the nature and sensitivity of  the trial of alleged sexual  penetration, CGHRD said.

National Coordinator, CGHRD  Marcus Bangura said that  the trial has spanned over a year and no verdict has been delivered adding that while Mr. Mansaray remains innocent until proven guilty by a court of competent jurisdiction, but said the ADP chairman and Leader has already spent over one (1) year in detention at the Male Correctional Center without bail on account of the aforementioned allegation.

He said that it  is their considered opinion that the prolonged detention of Mr. Mansaray has the proclivity to endanger his right to life.

“That granting Mr Mansaray bail will not by any means suggest that the matter under trial has been closed. However, it will go a very long way to solidify public confidence, trust in the judicial independence and /or jurisdiction,”Bangura added

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