As part of the Education Sector Support Project to the Milton Margai Technical University (MMTU), the Project Coordinator in the Ministry of Technical and Higher Education, Mr. Nilford Rose on Thursday 23rd June 2022, the consultants and engineering companies visited the Goderich campus of the university to assess at first-hand the construction and rehabilitation work to be done.

HEMA, ICC, Rod International from Angola are some of the engineering companies bidding for the contract while the consultants for the project are EGC and Ideas Partnership. 

The head of the delegation from Saudi Arabia asserted that they were delighted to be in the country, acclaimed all for facilitating the project that would soon commence and hoped that after completion they would come again to see it.

He continued that he is satisfied with the work done so far adding that they are also here to evaluate the King Salman Hospital as well as sign the agreement for the construction of 100 water wells as a grant from the Saudi government.

Sierra Leone’s Ambassador to Saudi Arabia enlightened that the Saudi Fund is the major arm of the Saudi government’s support to development projects overseas and revealed that Saudi Arabia has done a lot for the country over the years citing the over 300 Sierra Leoneans who have studied there.

MMTU is estimated to get $25 million as an initial intervention out of the $68 million projects for tertiary institutions and government schools nationwide.

During the meeting to launch the bid for the contractors to participate in the bidding process at the Great Hall of the Goderich Campus, Mr. Nilford Rose revealed that the event is to fulfil one of the requirements that are a prerequisite for the bidding process for contractors.

He revealed that the multi-funded project is estimated at $68 million and financed by the Saudi government, OPEC and Arab Fund for Development with the Government of Sierra Leone contributing $3 million and underscored that the day is very important for contractors to have first-hand information on the work to be done.

Mr. Nilford Rose further disclosed that 10 new and 50 structures would be built and rehabilitated respectively, that the specifications and drawings would be submitted as part of the bidding process in addition to the site visit and revealed that on the 1st July this year, the bids would be opened in the Ministry of Finance and encouraged the contractors to make clarifications and ask questions underscoring that the meeting is binding for all bidders and is fair and transparent.

The Principal and Vice Chancellor of MMTU, Dr. Philip John Kanu extolled the government of Sierra Leone for the initiative to construct new buildings and renovate others at MMTU, the first since the institution was established in 1963, that the initiative is historic for MMTU that would transform the institution to an enviable status befitting its new university status and assured all of their fullest support and cooperation for the success of the project and for its timely completion.

He also warned the contractors not to take the college staff and students for granted, assured them that they would take good care of the facilities warning that officials of State House, the Ministry of Finance and other stakeholders would strictly monitor the project reminding the contractors that they must complete the project on time as he wants the work completed before the June 2023 elections.

A conducted tour of the Goderich campus climaxed the visit.

Students were jubilant as they clapped, sang and danced during the ceremony.

The team also visited the Congo Cross and Brookfields campuses of the MMTU.

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