By Abdul Rahman Bah         

On 24th July 2022, during a ceremony held at the Portee community market, the Doportee Community organization donated pit latrines to the market men and women. The occasion was graced by various dignitaries, including members of the community, the former chairman of the Doportee community home & abroad, Salifu (Bafana), Portee community Development Association (PoCDA-SL) or the parent body, the Wash Management Team (WMT) and market women. 

Chairman of the Doportee community home & abroad, Tairwo Foday Daramy, thanked members for their relentless job, adding that this is their second project for the community and that their next project is to dig a Borehole for water in the community.               

The Project Coordinator, Alhaji Osman Turay, said that the Doportee community has been suffering from toilet space in the market, so he thought it fit that they should build toilets for the community market, describing their effort as a way of paying back to society.

The Chairman of the Portee Community Development Association, Alusine, also added that the initiative was good and thanked the organization for the gesture and admonished the community market women to take good care of the facility. He said they have challenges and called on the Freetown City Council to create drainages for the market and also appealed to the government for more attention to their plight.

Wilfred Kanu, Chairman of the Wash Management Team, thanked the organization for a job well done, as the community was suffering from a shortage of water, as with this help they will be able to give the community water, especially the market.   

 The former Chairman of the Doportee community home & broad recalled that the organization was formed during the Coronavirus outbreak on April 16th 2020, under his watch, adding that during Covid-19, they distributed face masks.

By Bah

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