Today August 4 at the Bank Complex, Kingtom, Freetown, the National COVID-19 Emergency Response center  (NaCOVERC) further updated the Inter-Religious Council of Sierra Leone on the third wave of the pandemic.

 NaCOVERC Chair Honourable Sheku Bangura, apprised the IRCSL of the significant drop in case numbers, positivity rate, incidence rate and hospitalization, but hastened to caution that we are dealing with a propagated outbreak.

Chair Bangura paid tribute to  the enduring collaboration with the IRCSL, and commended the patience and understanding of our inter-faith community which is an aggregate of our nation.

Whilst commending NaCOVERC for responsible handling of the pandemic and the continued courtesy accorded our revered clergy, the IRCSL welcomed NaCOVERC’s indicative review of the suspension of congregational worship, and pledged to fully work with NaCOVERC in reviewing the framework for safe reopening of houses of worship, public education, increasing vaccine uptake and enforcement of the measures.

NaCOVERC expresses sincere thanks and appreciation to the IRCSL for not just lending policy and operational contributions to the Response, but for prayers and counsel.

Both stakeholders recognize the critical importance of places of worship in the fight against COVID-19, and remain submitted unto God for wisdom and strength.

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