By Abdul Rahman Bah
On Friday 18th November 2022, Afrimoney partnered with the Rokel Commercial bank for the put ‘N pull Quick ‘N easy Digital banking system in the country at the Juba bridge Rokel Commercial bank branch.

Master of ceremony Mr Richard Ashcroft Agency Banking officer. He thanked Afrimoney and the Rokel commercial for their collaboration.

MR Umaru Shyllon The Business centre manager at Rokel commercial bank said that collaborating with Africell to launch the put `N pull program, Rokel commercial As a Leading bank in the country, And Afrimoney as the widest largest network in The country will make This facility to enable their customers and Africell customers to get money from their account to their wallets, Afrimony will be everywhere Rokel commercial bank is. As he thank Africell for giving them access to their Data Base as this will help their customers to make payments or withdraw.

The director of Finance: Mr Abassie Thomas said that the Rokel commercial bank and Africell are brand names in Sierra Leone He is now seeing these two entities coming together as a very big explosion of goodness for their customers. He further said that the Rokel commercial bank is a formal institution providing formal services to their customers and Africell is an informal institution but most of their business is in the informal sector. Rokel bank has taken the lead in financial services and financial inclusion in the country where their MD and some unit in the bank has preached about this all over the country as they want a smooth transfer of monetary services That why they team up with Africell this is a win-win situation for everybody.

Mr Martison Obeng- Agyei the Director of Afrimoney talks about how Afrimoney is excited about this partnership he also said that this will bring relief to their customers and urged Afrimoney customers to start Banking with Rokel Commercial Bank As this will help customers to save money any time and the customers will not have any reason not to have banking services As where there is Africell there is Rokel Commercial Bank as he says with this partnership they have open over six thousand new branches of Afrimoney post within the country and hope their customers are happy with this services Because their satisfaction is their priority and ensuring the public that their services will be available 24-hours a day and this will help customers to relax and do transfer or receive payment anytime, anywhere in the country, As he thanks Rokel commercial Bank for making this possible because it takes a lot of effort to satisfy our cherish and loved customers.

The MD of Rokel Commercial Bank Ekundayo Walton Gilpin said that they are on a Tross to improve the financial sector and the banking sector itself and they are increasing the financial access point where you take or deposit your money he said they are proud to collaborate with the MNO to be able to come out where they want to be and Afrimoney Linking up with them makes us more pivotal and relevant and a realism to banking in Sierra Leone and He want the public to know that this marriage & Relationship between RCB and Afrimoney is going to benefit not only The bank and Afrimoney but the wider community at large and for that he appreciates Afrimoney and Rokel Bank for this wonderful Relationship and they are going to do their best to make sure this work and after this, he assures the public that cash will be in the past and this will be history.

By Bah

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