Parliament on the 6th of December 2022, enacted with some amendments, the Bill entitled: “The National Minerals Agency Act, 2022” into law for the development and enhancement of the mines and minerals sector of the State.

The Bill sought to provide for the continuation of the National Minerals Agency, to provide for the more efficient and effective administration of the agency and regulation of the minerals sector as provided for in the Mines and Minerals Development Act of 2022, and to provide for other related matters.

The Bill went through several consultations, and it was earlier debated extensively before passage into law.

The Report of the Legislative Committee presented by its Chairman, Hon. Abdul Sulaiman Marray-Conteh to the Committee of the Whole House formed part of the legislative processes before enactment into law.

The Minister of Mines and Mineral Resources, Timothy Kabbah piloted the Bill before passage into law.

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