In a bid to promote education and put smiles on the faces of young people the Opposition Leader in parliament, Hon. Chernor R.M. Bah aka Chericoco, on Monday (Boxing Day) at the Makeni City Council fed about 500 kids, Bombali District, in northern Sierra Leone.
The feeding and distribution of assorted Christmas gifts, a tradition he started in 2012, attracted children from various schools in the township with special awards to pupils who scored the highest marks in the National Primary School Examinations (NPSE).
The Makeni Mayor, Sunkarie Kabbah-Kamara, welcomed the kids and others and thanked the Opposition Leader in parliament and team for leaving their busy schedules to grace the occasion. She explained that she was not expecting the event to take place this year due to the general hardship in the country but she was surprised to receive a call from Hon. Chernor that the event would take place.
Mayor Sunkarie commended Hon. Bah for his commitment and love for children, saying that it showed the common practice in the All People’s Congress (APC). According to the Makeni Mayor, the Opposition Leader in parliament could have used the money to take care of his family or other personal matters but he chose to spend it on the kids. She asked the parents and beneficiaries to consider him, (Chericoco) in their prayers.
Hon. Chernor R.M. Bah said the children must be protected and cared for and that what he was doing was to promote and improve participation in education in that part of the country, and encouraged the kids to respect their parents and teachers.
According to the Opposition Leader in parliament, his wish was to produce more educated people who would take responsible positions in the future and replacing those in authority now. He advised the children to focus on their studies and that they could only benefit based on their performance in school.
Three new bicycles were given to the three candidates who scored the highest marks in the NPSE and were also awarded full scholarships

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