Lawyer Lansana Dumbuya, a strong and popular party stalwart of the APC party, who has made selfless sacrifices and has been defending the party in its many legal battles over the past 23 years, on Saturday 14 January 2023, declared his intention to head the main opposition All People’s Congress (APC) National Secretariat at the party’s Headquarters on Old Railway Line, Brookfields.

It is no gainsaying that the national secretariat of every political party is the heart and bloodstream of the party, and therefore, should not be manned by a stranger, but by somebody who is very much grounded in the party’s internal dynamics and has a wealth of experience in the party affairs, especially at a time, when the secretariat is challenged and needs uplifting.

It is apparent that the calibre of party members present at the declaration, including former APC ministers and ambassadors and some very senior members of high standing, who barely witness such events, speaks volumes of his endorsement by the party hierarchy.

This was also evident from the utterance of ex-President Koroma’s Minister of Youth, Alimamy Kamara, dubbed within the party as President Koroma’s blue-eye boy, who chaired the ceremony. Hon Kamara did not only publicly declare his support for Lawyer Dumbuya, but strongly stated that “only those that do not respect former President Koroma and the former party’s National Secretary General, Osman Foday Yansanneh, will not support Lawyer Dumbuya”.

Lawyer Dumbuya is no stranger to the APC party, as he has been in the party since 1980, serving in the drama’s wing, headed by Mr. Kweku Wood, who was also present at the ceremony. He also voted in the referendum that brought JS Momoh into power and has been providing legal representation for the party since 1999. He was also one of the party’s moral and financial guarantors for the local council election in the 90s that saw the party win 4 Councilor seats.

In 2005, when all prominent lawyers were afraid to defend Ernest Koroma, Chuckuma Johnson, Christian William Smith and others, who were on a bench warrant and about to be sent to prison, he puts his life on the line, and provided legal services for them and rescinded the bench warrant at free of cost.

To show that he was not a power-thirsty individual, he has thrice withdrawn his candidacy for the said position at the request of his seniors within the party for the incumbent, even though he had the support of the grassroots then, which by all indications shows he has absolute respect for leadership.

Highlighting some of his visionary transformations for the Secretariat, Lawyer Dumbuya has promised to digitalize the system and also introduce a unique identification number that will constantly remind members of the expiration of their membership.

He has also promised to initiate various businesses that will empower grassroots at all levels, and also guarantee better structures within the party in the years ahead.

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