According to the Kambia Police headquarter they are investigating the disappearance of Alusine Bangura.

Alusine Bangura who is in his early twenties went missing in Mabanda Village, Tonko Limba Chiefdom Kambia sometime in August 2022.  When he went there on a visit to his uncle, Abdulai Bangura, who first reported his disappearance at the Kambia Police Station.

An investigation by this Press revealed that Alusine Bangura’s mysterious disappearance cannot be unconnected with the death threat received from his family because of the properties left behind by his father after his demise. Alusine happened to be the ball eye of his late father, Pa Kalie Bangura, a prosperous businessman.

 Most of his relatives perceived him to have taken after his father in all the businesses and properties. The demised of his father brought unrest in Alusine’s life receiving death threats from unknown mobile phone numbers believed to have been hired by family members.

However, the forceful attempts by the elders of the Limba ‘Gbagbani’ society to initiate him into the society against his wish, has worsened the situation for Alusine to battle out family death threats receiving as well as secret society members on his throat to join his late father’s secret society in the village.

As a result of that, his academic pursuit in Freetown was interrupted as he went into hiding.

His friend Abu Turay reported that on the day he went missing, Alusine told him that he was scared for his life. He has received several death threat messages on his phone. When he called his residence to enquire if he had arrived, he was told that his is missing.

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