The new Bauxite Mining Company is expected to create more opportunities, and employment is embarked on infrastructural development and capacity building for residents with modern mining skills development in that part of the country.

The Port Loko District Council hall was filled with government dignitaries and other prominent personalities within the district

The dancing and merriment signify that the locals were very happy for having a source of livelihood in their district.

Since the closure of Sierramin Mining company, most of the residents have been unemployed, according to local authorities has hurt their daily survival, hence the introduction of the production of CTC mining Company was a dream come true for them.

Country Representative Fassally Tawarallie said the payment of the 1.9   billion old leones was for them as  CTC mining company to undertake a large-scale bauxite mining project in the Maforki and Marampa chiefdoms in the Port Loko district

Noting that they will start operations soonest and residents will have the opportunity to reap the benefits of the natural resource and gain maximum training from their company

Authorities of the two chiefdoms say they will use the surface rent money to help develop their communities, as reviving Bauxite mining production in the district was the answer to their long-awaited desire.

Paramount Chief  Bai Koblo Queen II

PC Marampa Chiefdom in Port Loko District said his role was to ensure that they benefited from the natural resources in their land and embrace the company in returns

Resident Minister North West who doubles as the Presidential Spokesperson Alhaji Alpha Kanu

 described the event as a landmark occasion for stakeholders of the three Chiefdoms because CTC Mining Company made a massive investment in those Chiefdoms by making huge starts in its development strides just  within one month of operation

Security personnel within the district pledged community to protect and preserve the integrity of the CTC mining company

They also called on the youths to take a good chance of the opportunity in their corridors

CTC mining company is the largest extractive mining company in Turkey and fourth in the world, so their operation in the three chiefdoms in the Port Loko district is laudable.

As they will be producing over seventy million tons of commercial bauxite every year

Bauxite is the best and only material for making aluminium metal and it is used in the chemical industry, refractory brocks, abrasive, cement, steel, and petroleum. Lateritic bauxite is often used as a building material.

Having more mining operations in the country is crucial for the government revenue generation drive, but community ownership and collaboration with miners were considered vital to sustainable mining operations

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