In an interview with the Founder and CEO of ARISE IIP, ARISE IS and ARISE P&L, Gagan Gupta, Sierra Leone will positively transform in 24 Months as a result of the intervention and activities of his company.

The Communications Director of Arise IIP, Sarah Adnan revealed how the three companies do specialize in designing, financing, building and managing state-of-the-art infrastructure across Africa.

According to her, ARISE IIP started from a humble beginning and succeeded in creating three specialized verticals, making it one of the largest infrastructure investment platforms in Africa in less than 10 years.

She disclosed that investment cumulated to USD 2bn+ (USD 4bn+ committed to date) has been made to develop a portfolio of 15 large-scale infrastructure projects across Africa.

The Communications Director maintained that sustainability has been put at the core of all the companies’ operations and strategy, promoting traceability, use of renewable energy, biodiversity preservation, and carbon neutrality.

“In 2021, ARISE IIP’s Gabon Special Economic Zone became the first carbon-neutral industrial zone in Africa, a year after being ranked the world’s best industrial zone in the wood sector by FDI Intelligence-Financial Times,” she said with pride.

It could be recalled that two weeks ago, the Government of Sierra Leone, through the Ministry of Mines, signed a huge contract with ARISE Industrial Platform for the management of the Pepel Port and facilitate major agricultural development in Sierra Leone.

According to the terms of the agreement, ARISE will invest over 400 M Dollars in Sierra Leone for three years and give Government 10% free carriage.

In Benin, journalists were shown the level of investment that the company has made in the cotton industry of Benin. There, the Founder and CEO gave a brief profile of the company.

The journalists also visited various agricultural sites including some cotton farms where ARISE is helping farmers to develop themselves.

At the Gbowatangon, a farmer, Djalle Casvniu, who owns a hectare of land and is the Secretary of a Cooperative Society explained how ARISE is tremendously helping them as cotton farmers and as a cooperative society.

He mentioned having a farm that is cultivated by over 100 people noting that since he came in contact with ARISE, his life has changed.

“I am able to take care of my family and send my children to school,” he cheerfully disclosed.

He pointed out that the project has also changed a lot of things and that as a result, some farmers are even able to build their own houses and have families.

Patrice Daivniu, who is the Manager of a Cotton Processing factory said that based on their laws they entered a joint venture agreement in which ARISE will own 65% of shares and the Government owning 35% with over 200 people being employed.

He explained that at the factory they check the weight, and sort out the cotton before they separate the fiber from the seed.

Patrice added that they buy a majority of the cotton from farmers in the north of the country.

It must be underscored that in Benin, particularly the northern region, farmers ,through an organization, are supplying hundreds of tons of cotton that are processed before exportation.

According to the Secretary General of the Cooperative, ‘Villageoise des Productions de Coton’, Gjale Casimir, a father of four, started cotton farming in 2017 in his village, Gbowatangon, Northern Benin on a one-hectare of land.

He continued to inform the team of journalists from Sierra Leone that their Association comprises 28 members that own huge farm lands across the region, disclosing that during the rains they use fertilizers to increase production.

“I was able to enrol two of my kids into the country’s educational system through savings on cotton farming,” said Gjale with a broad smile while showcasing his massive farm to the media.

He disclosed that with the introduction of cotton farming by ARISE and partners in that part of Africa, many things changed in their various villages as farmers could construct houses and marry happily.

“ARISE supports us with fertilizers, farming equipments and training opportunities to enable our farming activities to be more successful,” he said adding that all their harvests or products are channeled through the Organization that works directly with the various fiber companies.

On his part, a prominent businessman stated that ARISE supports the farmers in terms of availing their financial support, fertilizers and also buying their products after harvest which helps to increase their levels of income.

According to the Manager of SODECO, one of the Fiber Companies, ARISE and the Government of Benin partnered and set up the Fibre Manufacturing Company that has employed over 200 employees with hundreds of truck drivers transporting the cotton from the farm to factories.

He explained that upon arrival of the truck full of cotton they will first clean it before separating the fiber from the seed, disclosing that the fiber is exported while the seeds are used to manufacture oil for local use.

The Manager established that they have no business directly with the farmers but with the organization that coordinates the process, stating that the cultivation of cotton increased during the last 3 years since ARISE started operations in Benin.

It is crystal clear that with ARISE now surfacing in Sierra Leone, the lives of farmers across the country will definitely be transformed like those in Benin, as the rail project will be extended to agricultural districts and neighboring countries.

Gagan Gupta is a seasoned entrepreneur, boasting 20+ years of professional experience, of which 12+ as a top executive. He is the Founder and CEO of ARISE IIP, ARISE IS and ARISE P&L, three companies specialized in designing, financing, building and managing state-of-the art infrastructure across Africa. years.

Gagan Gupta’s success derives from his unique ability to structure win-win partnerships (both public and private, including with world-class international groups), his unparalleled operational and execution capacity (all projects delivered on-time and on-cost, with successful and growing operations), his ability to manage all stakeholders effectively (States, private sector, civil society, etc.), and his talent for building and leading top-notch management teams. To support ARISE development, Gagan has secured solid partnerships with top-tier private and public shareholders, at both the holding and assets levels.

Gagan graduated from the University of Delhi, the ICAI and is a gold medalist chartered accountant.

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