In an exclusive interview with the Managing Director of Brass Street Bakery (BSB) International, Alhaji Amadu Juldeh Sowe, he expressed disappointment over the exorbitant increase in the price of flour by some unscrupulous business people that resulted in over 100% increase in the product.

Alhaji Sow maintained that flour was short in the market for some 20 – 12 days, but they were able to import the product to enable bakers to get access to and produce bread, especially during the Ramadan season, when it is in huge demand by people. He noted that when they heard about the increase in the price of flour sold in the country, they were disturbed. The price of flour before it disappeared from the market was NLe720, so for the price to jump from that amount to NLe1,200 and NLe1700, was wicked. He stressed that the loss of the commodity in the market has nothing to do with the dollar, so the excuse that it was due to the dollar is fake.

Alhaji Sowe also disclosed that they were able to import flour to meet the growing demand, and by the 16th of April, were supplying customers with the flour. He stressed that the price of the flour now is NLe750 and not the NLe1700 sold by bad business people. He noted that there are people who are bent on bringing down the private sector and these have been responsible for the hike in the price of flour. He assured Sierra Leoneans that they can buy flour from all BSB International shops and outlets at the price of NLe750 per bag. Also that they have sent over 10 trailers loaded with flour to the provincial towns. Alhaji Sowe maintained that they are currently able to provide about 4,000 – 5,000 bags of flour per day to their customers. He furthered that they have engaged the President of the Bakers Association to reduce the price levied on bread and restore both the size and price to its original state to make it available to all residents in the country. He also assured that flour imported by BSB International will be available for the next six months, and during that period they will import more as their stock goes down.

Alhaji Sowe disclosed that BSB International is a product of the work of their parents, who were bakers, and that he also grew up in that field. Today, their business has extended to the importation of flour. He stressed that it is their desire to do all they can to help the government and Sierra Leoneans.

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