By Abdul Rahman Bah

On Monday 24 April 2023 at the well of Parliament of Sierra Leone members of parliament debated and parliament ratifies joint agreement.

Be it resolved that this honourable house hereby ratifies the following agreement laid on the table of the house on Thursday 20th April 2023
Joint venture agreement government of the republic of Sierra Leone peninsula group limited peninsula city limited for a flagship peninsula city.

The minister of Tourism memunatu Pratt said that the peninsula City to function well over 2000 jobs will be created for Sierra Leoneans and peninsula is committed to providing sustainable, affordable housing for it employees in the northern part of the site along with free on the job training through which employees will have the opportunity to the level of his or ability and aspirations.

Committee chairperson of Tourism said that bringing the flagship project peninsula city is good for the people of Sierra Leone and the community people is happy for the project this will bring the past glory of this country an he supported the project.

Hon Abdul Muniru Jusu supported the bill and he is encouraging the minister to used Citizens instead of bringing foreigners in the project.

Hon R F Kargbo also supported the flagship peninsula city an the project will bring many important values in the country which is jobs, Hotels, resident houses.

The acting leader of the opposition Hon Hassan Sesay He said that the project is beautiful idea and he is not against it to be approved .

Leader of Business Hon Bashiru Sidike added by supported the document and the ministe

By Bah

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